What to Do if You Run Out of Gas in the Middle of Nowhere in San Bruno, CA; Call for Emergency Fuel Delivery

Any time you are forced to stop on the highway or interstate, it can be extremely stressful. If you have broken down or run out of gas, it can be even more terrifying. If you run out of gas on the highway or interstate, we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to offer some advice to help you get out of this predicament and do it safely.

What Happens when You Run Out of Gas While Driving?

1) When Your Engine Starts to Falter, Stop Immediately. You need to find a safe place to stop if your engine begins to splutter is the first thing you should do. It can be difficult to steer and find a safe place to park once you lose engine power. You can also suck dirt and debris from the fuel tank into your engine when you lose engine power.
2) Put Your Hazard Lights On After You Pull to the Right. As safely as you can, pull as far to the right as you can. In order to alert other drivers that your vehicle is immobile, make sure you put your hazard lights on next. Set road flares or hazard cones up behind and in front of your vehicle if you have them.
3) Call for Roadside Assistance Services. Call them, and they will come and deliver gas for your vehicle if in the event you have roadside assistance. You could also call a friend or family member to deliver gas for you if you do not have roadside assistance. Call the police and notify them of your situation if your vehicle has stopped in an unsafe area on the road.
4) If You Select to Walk to the Nearest Gas Station. When you get stuck on the highway, it is always better to wait inside your vehicle and have the gas come to you. Always walk off the side of the highway away from traffic if you decide to walk. Try to make yourself as visible as possible.
5) Towing Service can be an Option. In order to deliver fuel or remove your vehicle from the highway, you can always contact a towing service. Vehicles develop engine problems in some cases when a vehicle runs out of fuel. Both you and your automobile can be easily rescued by a reputable towing service.

What Does a Towing Company Need to Know?

When you reach out to a professional towing and roadside assistance service, there is some information that they will need to locate your vehicle. Make sure you have all the information they need. Some factors include:
– They need to know location, mile markers and on/ off ramps.
– Vehicle’s make, model, year, and color
– License plate number
– Your name and number
– The company may ask for additional information as well

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When you find yourself in need of fuel in San Francisco, CA and surrounding areas, or any other roadside assistance service or towing, call in the professionals of Calderon Tow & Auto and let our qualified assist you!

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