What is a Good Tire Depth Tread & What Makes Bald Tires Unsafe in St. Helena, CA; More Likely to Pop & More

Living in a time where you can buy tires with specific tread patterns to suit all types of driving conditions is very fortunate for us. Knowing when it’s time to take those old tires off and put a new set on is very important, though you may not be switching them out as often as a race team. Because the tread on their tires was too low to supply them with sufficient grip is the last thing that anyone wants is to be involved in an accident. Today, we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to take a closer look at how you can tell when your tread is low, and when it is time to replace those old tires. Thankfully, this is actually fairly simple.

When to Replace Tires

Insert a penny vertically between two of the grooves on your tire so that the face of Abraham Lincoln is looking directly at you to check your tire tread level. Check out Abraham Lincoln’s face position at this point. It is time to consider replacing your tires if in the event you can see Abraham Lincoln’s face. Your tires are still in reasonable condition, and you can hold off replacing them if the President’s face is not visible on the other hand.

What is an Unsafe Tire Tread Depth?

New tires typically come with 10/32” or 11/32” tread depths, and some truck, SUV and winter tires may have deeper tread depths than other models. The U.S. Department of Transportation recommends replacing tires when they reach 2/32”, and many states legally require tires to be replaced at this depth. When you do take the time to check the tire tread, you may not what the next step should be. You are also putting other people on the road at risk as well as you are putting yourself and your family at risk if your tire tread is low. Your tires are not providing your vehicle with the correct amount of traction on the road when the tread on your tires starts to get low. Your vehicle could easily slide off the road, into the back of another car, or even strike a pedestrian in wet, slippery, icy, or snowy conditions as a result. You need to pay 100% attention, and fast reactions times will be negated if your vehicle’s tire tread is low, and you can’t stop fast enough or swerve fast enough to avoid an accident when you are driving in anything less than perfect conditions. Never put off replacing your tires until it is too late.

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When it is time to replace your old tires with a new set, you now have a much better idea about the right tire tread for your car or vehicle. Though tires can be a large expense, investing in the right tires that best suit your vehicle and the conditions you regularly drive in are well worth the investment, and replacing them at regular intervals when they get worn down is vital. Also, be sure they are properly rotated, and the pressure is regularly checked to keep your tires healthy for longer. If you find the tire is flat, it is safer to call Calderon Tow & Auto to have it changed.

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