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Tire Failure & Problems in Daly City, CA; Flat Tires, Separation, Dry Rot, Blowouts & More

Let’s face it, most of the accidents that occur are due to driver error. But there are exceptions. Road hazards, like debris on the road, potholes and black ice are… more »

What to Do After a Fender Bender or Major Car Accident in San Mateo, CA; Check for Injury, Call for a Tow & More

If you are like most drivers you know how to drive your vehicle without any problems. You were taught how to operate a vehicle without any issues. You have mastered… more »

Transmission Failure While Driving in Colma, CA; How an Automatic & Manual Tranny Work & More

Transmission failure, though not a high failure item, it is one aspect of the modern car or pickup that is critical to the operation of the vehicle. Engine or transmission… more »

What do I do if I Get a Flat Tire

If you get a flat tire, pull over as far as you can from moving traffic and secure your car by setting your emergency brake. Call Calderon Tow & Auto… more »

24 Hour Flatbed Towing

We are proud to offer the only Mercedes Flatbed Towing service to ensure your vehicle receives the service it deserves. We are available 24/7.

Auto Accidents

We specialize in Accident Scene Response calls so if you ever get in a wreck, tell the Police you request Calderon Tow & Auto!

Roadside Assistance

Our Roadside Assistance Services include jumpstarts, tire changes, battery replacements, fuel & fluid delivery, fuel filter changes, auto lockouts and minor auto repairs.

Free Diagnostics

Our Master automotive technician can diagnose your problem and often save you money by avoiding unnecessary towing.

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