What Does Emergency Roadside Assistance Cover in San Carlos, CA? Flat Tire Change, Auto Lockouts & More

Roadside assistance is a specialty service that you call when you are broken down and need help. A number of towing companies provide roadside assistance along with towing services. They provide a great service to our communities and for all drivers. Roadside assistance can help you in many different ways. To better understand how roadside assistance can help you, Calderon Tow & Auto will share the different types of roadside assistance services.

Car Lockouts when Keys are Locked in Vehicle

If you have ever locked you keys inside your vehicle, you already know the feeling you can and have an idea of what to do next. If you’re lucky, you have your phone on you and not in the locked vehicle. If that is the case, you will need to call someone for help. You have the option of seeing if a friend or family member can bring you a spare key. However, if you don’t have a spare key or a way to get your spare key, there is another option. Roadside assistance automobile lockout service can help you access your vehicle. Roadside assistance service can come to your location and unlock your vehicle. If you need help and have no way of getting a spare key, contact roadside assistance for automobile lockout services.

Jumpstarts for Dead Battery

Especially during the summer season, your car battery can die without any warning. When a car battery fails you will need to find a way to bring your dead battery to an auto shop and get a new one and take the new battery to your vehicle. Another option is to jumpstart your battery and have the battery replaced shortly afterwards. You could also find someone to give you a jumpstart. When you cannot find help, you can always call roadside assistance and they will come and give you a jumpstart.

Flat Tire Changes

Probably one of the most used roadside assistance services is tire changes. When a tire blows or goes flat, you may not have the tools or the experience to change a tire. During busy traffic it can be rather hazardous to change a tire yourself. Roadside assistance can come to you and help you change your vehicle’s tires. They come with a truck equipped with emergency lights and other devices to make changing a tire on a busy road safer. If you have a flat or blown out tire, call for roadside assistance and they will have your tire changed quickly and safely.

Fuel Delivery when You Run Out of Gas

Not too many people know that roadside assistance often provides fuel delivery. When your vehicle runs out of gas unexpectedly, you will either need to find someone you know to bring you fuel or walk to the nearest gas station. In some cases you can do neither of these options which is where roadside assistance come in. They can bring you enough gas so you can get to a gas station and fill up. Walking to the gas station can be very hazardous especially if you are broken down on the freeway. The safer and more logical option is to have roadside assistance bring you the fuel you need.

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