Emergency Roadside Assistance

Calderon Tow & Auto specializes in towing and roadside assistance services in San Francisco, the Greater Bay area and beyond. Motorists in our area often suffer roadside emergencies while out and about in our beautiful cities. Getting locked out of your vehicle, experiencing a drained battery, getting a flat tire, or even when you run out of gas, having a company you can rely on to assist you is essential. And when the problems causing you to be stranded are beyond roadside assistance, Calderon Tow & Auto, your friendly towing company can also provide a tow to the nearest mechanic or other desired location. Calderon Tow & Auto provides roadside assistance services including auto lockouts, jumpstarts, fuel delivery and tire changing services to those in need throughout San Francisco, the Greater Bay area and beyond.

Automobile Lockouts for When You Lock Your Keys in the Car

There are many factors that can contribute to getting locked out of your vehicle. Whether it is just an inconvenience that has caused delays or an emergency situation with a child or pet locked inside; we can help. No matter if you are at home, a parking lot or other place, Calderon Tow & Auto can get to your location quickly and get you inside your vehicle without causing damage.

Jumpstarts for Dead Battery

Batteries can lose their change or be drained due to a wide number of causes including extreme temperatures, leaving the cabin lights on, loose battery cables etc. Getting back on the road again can be difficult, especially if there is no one around with the experience and equipment to safely give you a jump. Instead of hoping you can trust a fellow driver or waiting for a friend, call Calderon Tow & Auto and let us give your car the jumpstart it needs.

Tires Changes for Flat Tires

If you discover a deflated tire or experience a startling tire blowout, it is certainly a frustrating experience and can even be dangerous. Having a tire go flat or pop can be frightening when the vehicle is in motion. No matter whether you lack the necessary tools or experience or just don’t have the time or desire to get dirty; with a quick call, Calderon Tow & Auto can come out and change your flat or damaged tire to your spare.

Fuel Delivery for When You Run Out of Gas

There is never a good time for your vehicle to run out of gas or diesel fuel on San Francisco or Greater Bay area roads, but when it happens, at least you know you have a trusted source to come to your aid. No matter what fuel your vehicle needs, Calderon Tow & Auto has what you need and can promptly deliver enough fuel to get you to the next refueling station. Waiting for us to bring fuel to you is safer and more efficient than the alternative of attempting to make the hike to the nearest gas station.

Towing & Roadside Assistance in San Mateo, San Francisco, Daly City & Colma, CA | Greater Bay Area of California

No matter what you need in terms of roadside assistance in San Francisco, the Greater Bay area and beyond, Calderon Tow & Auto has experts ready to help. With our high quality products and well maintained equipment, our roadside technician specialists will quickly meet your roadside assistance needs. Be sure to keep Calderon Tow & Auto’s contact information in your cellphone so you can easily reach us whenever you need a tow or assistance on the roads.

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