How Do You Handle an Auto Lockout in San Francisco, CA? How Can You Prevent Getting Locked Out of Car?

It can be frustrating and embarrassing to be in an auto lockout situation. Good news is that you do not have to worry when you get locked out of your vehicle. There are a few solutions to get yourself out of this situation. It is always wise to seek professional roadside assistance before people try to come up with a DIY solution for the problem. You can cause significant damage to the parts of your vehicle when you try to get yourself out of a lockout situation using a method you learned about online. Today, we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to discuss the common lockout situations.

How Does an Auto Lockout Happen?

Keys are Left Inside the Vehicle. You are more likely to forget something when you are busy. An example of this situation may be running late for work, you turn the engine off, exit the vehicle, and then proceed to lock and shut the door only realizing that you left your keys in the ignition. Also, while the car is on, some people may leave their keys inside as well.
Keys Get Lost. One of the top five things people often lose are keys. If you do not remember where you put your keys and spend all day looking for them, it can be irritating and frustrating. When this happens is the last thing to do.
Key Breaks Off. More common than may you think, keys break off. When compared to traditional keys, modern car keys, such as key chains are more fragile.
Failing Key Fob. A key fob or transponder being hacked is involved in other scenarios. The battery is already discharged is one of the main reasons a transponder can fail. Replacing them is a quick and easy solution. The cause of the failure may not be the battery. A computer chip inside the key or a programming error could also be the source. The door of the new car model will not open if the key fob or transponder does not work. The battery could be discharged, or the computer chip inside could be damaged if the key does not work.
Broken or Damaged Vehicle Door. For older vehicles, this is especially common. They may need to be replaced because door locks can become damaged over time. Burglar alarms can break door locks on technologically advanced vehicles. The lock on the door can be disabled or locked upon detecting an intrusion attempt.

How Can I Prevent Car Getting Locked Out

It is recommended to take the following steps in such situations.
1) Retrieve a Spare Key. We often forget the simplest solution out of frustration. If you have a spare key, using it is easiest. You can access the vehicle and then go to your local car dealer to create a new master key set if you have a spare key.
2) Keep Calm. Avoid panic and adding more stress to the circumstances. Especially when you realize that you have lost your car keys or locked them in the car it can be difficult to control your emotions when rushing to try to get to a meeting in the morning. The faster things will be resolved the calmer you are.
3) Contact Roadside Assistance. Emergency roadside assistance can help in a lockout car situation, in most cases. Ranging from flat tires and dead batteries to minor vehicle repairs and restorations, roadside assistance services can help you in many instances. There are many unpredictable things that can happen on the road.

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