Is it Possible to Lock the Key Fob in the Car & What to Do if You Have Locked Your Smart Key Inside in Palo Alto, CA?

Can you lock you vehicle’s key fob inside your vehicle? Yes, people will sometimes do this on purpose or by accident. Usually when the key fob is locked inside purposefully to secure the fob, there is usually a plan to access the vehicle. However, when you accidentally lock your key fob inside the vehicle you have basically locked yourself out of your vehicle. If this occurs you will need help accessing your vehicle. For those who have accidentally locked their key fob inside their vehicle, Calderon Tow & Auto will share what to do to access your vehicle when this happens.

How Can a Key Fob Get Locked Inside a Car?

In most vehicles, a keyless entry fob has a safety feature that helps prevent you from locking your key fob inside your vehicle. However, even with these safety features in place, sometimes you can still find your key fob locked inside your vehicle. One situation is when the key fob is too far away from the proximity sensor such as in the trunk of the car. In some cases when the key isn’t detected, the vehicle will lock. If the fob was in the vehicle but the sensor failed, your vehicle will lock itself and the key fob inside. If the key fob has been damaged the proximity sensor may have a hard time detecting the key fob. Even if the fob has not been physically damaged, often extreme heat can also cause the key fob to malfunction. When the key fob is damaged it can lock itself inside the vehicle and lock you out. A key fob that is locked in a vehicle can be intentional, knowing that there is an override function. If you are going hiking or you will be outside and you do not want your key fob damaged, you can lock the fob inside the vehicle. The override feature will vary from vehicle to vehicle so be aware of how your key fob works. However you will want to take the physical key blade to unlock your vehicle with you. If that gets lost you will be locked out of your vehicle.

How Do I Unlock My Car Door Without a Key?

There are a few ways to access your vehicle. It is highly recommended to contact an auto lockout service to come to your location and help you access your vehicle. An auto locksmiths will have training on how to access the keyless vehicles that use key fobs. They know how the different model locking systems work and can access your vehicle without damaging it. Another option is contacting a person to bring you your spare key if possible. Unless you know how to unlock a vehicle without damaging it, your only choice is to break a window. Replacing a window is very expensive and isn’t the best option. If you cannot get to your spare key fob then contact an auto lockout services to come and help you access your vehicle.

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