How Do I Know when My Car Needs a New Battery in Pacifica, CA? Engine is Slow to Start, Dim Lights & More

The battery in your vehicle is probably something you don’t think about too often. Unfortunately, there are times where you should be watching for signs that could be telling you that it’s time to replace that battery with a new one. If you aren’t aware of what these signs look like, you could be caught in a parking lot with no way to get your vehicle up and running again because your battery is dead. Calderon Tow & Auto is here to talk about some of the signs that you should be watching for that indicate it’s time to change your car’s battery.

How to Know if Car Battery Needs to Be Replaced?

Like mentioned above, there are usually a few signs that are present when your battery needs to be swapped out for a new one. The key is, knowing what these signs look like so that you can stay on top of this before you’re stranded with a dead battery. Here are some of the signs.
– Engine is Slow to Start: Your battery plays a key role in your car’s engine starting. Over time, the charge becomes harder and harder to create which will lead to a dead battery, eventually. You may notice that it takes an extra couple of seconds to get your engine up and going when the battery is on its way out.
– Dim Lights & Electrical Issues: Any electronics in your vehicle are all powered by your car’s battery. If you notice that they are starting to dim, or you are starting to see electrical issues, it could be due to the fact that your battery needs to be replaced.
– Check Engine Light On: When the check engine light comes on in your vehicle, it could mean a number of things. Some vehicles have that light come on when the battery is in trouble. You can take your vehicle to a mechanic, and they will be able to tell you what is wrong.
– Bad Odor from Car Battery: Sometimes, when the battery starts to get older, it can start leaking. This leak can cause a smell similar to sulfur or rotten eggs to be present. If you smell a bad odor, this is an area to check.
– Corroded Connectors: It’s always a good idea to check your battery out every now and then to make sure everything is working well. If you notice that there is any corrosion on your battery’s connectors, it’s likely time for a new battery.
– Age of Car Battery: If the battery in your vehicle is several years old, it is more than likely time to replace it.

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