How Do You Get Gas if You Run Out in Petaluma, CA? Call Emergency Roadside Assistance for Fuel Delivery!

All too familiar for many drivers is hearing the low gas alarm and seeing it brightly lit on the dashboard. Few have luck have enough to get to the next gas station or to their destination. Fortunately, in the event it is too late for refueling, for roadside assistance services, like fuel delivery to help you get out of a tough spot, you need a reputable towing company, such as Calderon Tow & Auto. Today, we would like to share some a few recommendations in an effort to help you conserve fuel when it is getting close.

What Do You Do if You Run Out of Gas in the Middle of Nowhere?

Usually, you have 30-50 miles when the gas light alerts you that you are low on fuel before you are completely dry. You need to look for a refueling station immediately if you experience long stretches of gas stations if you are on major highways and when that moment the alert chimes. Should you have a cellphone, be sure to pull over safely and use the GPS to find a station if need be.
1) Turn off the air conditioner or heater if you are using one. Should you know that you are pushing it to the next gas station, you can conserve fuel by switching off the air conditioner or heater. The fuel economy can be reduced by up to 25% by shutting off the central air or heater. Doing this is a better option for getting stranded in unfavorable conditions. This may make the car ride uncomfortable though it is a better option for getting stranded in unfavorable condition.
2) Keep car windows up. Although keeping the windows up may be the last thing you want, keeping the windows up will only improve the fuel economy if you are shutting off the air conditioner. Windows rolled down compromise the aerodynamics of your vehicle created a drag-like effect, particularly at high speeds. Keep in mind that if you are on surface roads and speeds are low, so they can be rolled down and the rolled down windows will not affect the gas.
3) Resistance needs to be avoided while driving. More fuel is spent any time your vehicle faces resistance. For example, you use more fuel going uphill than going downhill. Use routes on flat roads or going downhill when tracking down a gas station if you can. If possible, avoid the stop and go actions whenever possible as well.
4) Call for emergency roadside assistance. When your gas is depleted, ensure to coast safely to the shoulder of the road and you couldn’t make it to the nearest gas station. Once you and your vehicle are safe, contact a reputable towing company for fuel delivery service.

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By ensuring your gas tank never drops below ¼ full and keeping an empty gas can in your trunk, you can avoid running out of fuel and being stuck. Play it safe when taking road trips and make sure you make stops for fuel sooner rather than later to prevent breaking down on the side of a rural road. When you do run out of fuel in the Greater San Francisco, CA and surrounding areas, call Calderon Tow & Auto and let our experts assist you with our towing and roadside assistance services.

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