How Defensive Driving Can Help Prevent Car Accidents in Lafayette, CA; Safety & More

Whenever you are driving a car, there is an inherent danger there. There are so many variables on the road including other drivers, weather events, debris, and much more that can play a role in a car accident. While sometimes, getting into a car accident is out of your control, there are other times that you may be at fault. When it comes to avoiding car accidents, one of the best ways you can do that is with defensive driving. Calderon Tow & Auto is here to talk about how defensive driving can help prevent car accidents and keep you safe when you are behind the wheel.

Examples of Defensive Driving

There are many different circumstances in life where a better defense is better than an offense. Driving is one of those situations. Defensive driving means that you are alert and aware of the other drivers and the road around you so that you can make defensive movements to avoid getting in an accident. When you are a defensive driver, being aware of the drivers around you and the mistakes that they could make will help you make better choices as a driver. Following are some defensive driver tips:
– Safety First: If you are driving with safety in mind, it will automatically make you a better driver. Make sure that you are always wearing a seat belt. Always get enough rest before you get behind the wheel. Lock your doors while driving down the road. All of these safety tips will help make you a safer driver.
– Be Alert: As a driver, it is essential that you are aware of what is going on around you. You need to be alert and ready to take any action that is needed to keep you safe while driving. Before you switch lanes or make any moves make sure you are checking your mirrors and blind spots. Pay particularly close attention to any pedestrians or bicyclists that might be around you while driving.
– Don’t Trust Other Drivers: You can’t rely on the drivers around you to make good driving decisions. The drivers around you might be breaking laws, running red lights, driving over the speed limit, all of those things that make them less safe.
– Think Ahead: When you are driving, you want to make sure that you are always thinking two steps ahead. Think about different scenarios in which you would need to make defensive driving moves. Be sure that you are prepared for anything that you might come across on the road. When you think through these things in advance you will find that you are better prepared for them when you encounter them while driving.

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