Dangers of Improper Towing Techniques in Hercules, CA; Vehicle Damage, Injuries & More

There is more to towing than what people may think. Whether you try to do it yourself, have an associate perform it without propre equipment or knowledge, or even hire a shoddy towing professional, there are consequences that are highly probable that comes with improper towing. Today, we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to list the more likely consequences that comes with improper towing methods.

Towed Vehicle Gets Damaged with Improper Towing

Damage to the vehicle being towed can be significant because of improper towing techniques. It may bounce or sway excessively during transport if the car is not secured properly for instance, causing scratching or denting to the exterior, If the vehicle is not adequately supported during towing, the suspension or steering components may be damaged. All due to improper towing, the vehicle may suffer significant damage to the undercarriage or exterior or be completely totaled in severe cases.

Injuries & Accidents from Poor Towing

It may cause accidents or injuries to other people on the road if the tow truck is not operated safely. By choosing a reputable and experienced towing service that uses proper towing techniques and follows all relevant laws and regulations is essential, you can prevent these types of incidents. In order to proficiently secure and transport vehicle, professional towing services will have trained and certified operators that are skilled and experienced. To ensure the safety of both the vehicle being towed and other motorists on the road, they use high-quality, well-maintained equipment.

Legal Action from Wrong Towing Techniques

If improper towing methods are used, the towing company and the tow truck driver risk legal repercussions. Should an accident or injury occurs as a result of improper towing, or loss of business licenses if the towing company is found to be consistently using inappropriate techniques, this may include fines for violating towing regulations, legal action.

More in Towing Costs

Both the towing company and the owner of the vehicle being towed may incur higher costs when towing is done incorrectly. It may need costly repairs if the vehicle being towed is damaged due to improper towing, for example. Additionally, it may need repairs or maintenance if the tow truck is damaged, leading to a higher expense. If in the event it is found to be using improper towing methods, the towing company may also face increased insurance premiums.

Road / Surrounding Area Damage

The road or the neighborhood can be harmed by improper towing methods. It may drag on the ground and cause ruts or other damage to the road surface if the vehicle being towed is not secured properly, for instance. It can potentially cause damage to the road or surrounding area, such as by scraping or damaging walls, signs, or other structures if the tow truck is not operated safely.

Towing Equipment Gets Damaged

The towing equipment itself, such as the tow truck, winch, straps, or other components can be damaged when improper towing techniques are applied. This may result in the need for costly repairs or replacement of the equipment. Also, it may be more prone to malfunction or breakdown, which can also increase costs, if the equipment is not properly maintained.

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Contacting a reputable towing company is one of the best ways to avoid the consequences of improper towing techniques. Calderon Tow & Auto are skilled experts, properly trained and experienced to provide safe and reliable towing services and more in San Francisco, the Greater Bay area and beyond.

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