Towing Safety Tips in Larkspur, CA; Wait for Tow Truck Arrival, Let Operators Work & More

When waiting for a tow truck in San Mateo, San Francisco, Daly City & Colma, CA; safety is the top priority. There are cars whizzing by more often than not as drivers are stranded on the road. Below are some safety tips for stranded drivers while waiting for a tow truck to arrive and bring you to safety. To help with being stranded on the roadside, we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to offer some advice on how to better understand and handle the situation.

Exit Vehicle Safely

There are going to be passing cars , though it may seem convenient to sit and wait inside your car. There are many distracted drivers and it is possible for one of those passing cars could stray out of their lane and crash into your vehicle. There’s always the chance that a distracted driver could collide with your vehicle, some drivers may fail to see your parked vehicle and with so many people texting and driving, at night. It is best to exit the car and away from the road. There is no need to put yourself in harm’s way with help on the way. However, if there you need to stay in the vehicle, make sure to stay in the vehicle with the seat belts on.

Maximize Visibility

It is important to let other drivers know it is there when your car is disabled on the side of a road. If you have any flares, this is the time to light them, and ensure you turn on your hazard lights. This is the best way to let other drivers know your car is stranded. Even on a dark night, having some warning triangles inside your car along with a bright vest to wear are also ways of standing out.

Wait for Tow Truck Arrival

It is with a purpose when a tow truck driver arrives. Your whereabouts are known, and it is all on record. There is no need to accept when a random car stops to offer help. While that driver may have good intentions there is always the chance that it is the opposite, and with a towing expert already. Rather than to take a chance with someone who might have ulterior motives, it is better to wait and rely on a professional service.

Let the Towing Experts Work

Being experienced, tow truck drivers know just what to do in certain situations. There’s no need for you to provide any assistance during the towing process. Let the driver hook up your car and get it off the road, it is best to just stand back.

Protect Yourself

For safety reasons, make sure to take photos, collect your valuables and personal items, turn off your emergency brake, have somewhere to tow the car, and don’t just call any towing company.

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