Towing After a Car Accident in Healdsburg, CA; Where Vehicle Should Be Towed & More

There are a lot of things to handle following an accident from getting medical attention to filing insurance claims and getting legal assistance. Additionally, you may need to tow your car from the accident scene to a safer place. The generalities of towing following an auto accident is what we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to discuss today.

Understanding When Your Vehicle Should Be Towed

After a collision, if you are not physically and emotionally fit to drive, towing is better and safer option. Following an auto accident, you can be devastated and left you stressed and disoriented. Driving may be the last thing you want to do in this state. You should prioritize seeking medical attention since not getting behind the wheel is important as an injured person. Also, your vehicle is obviously a good candidate for towing if it sustained significant damage. Driving a damaged vehicle compromises your safety as well as that of other road users. Also, it may be hard or impossible to drive if the vehicle is severely damaged.

Responsible Party that Selects the Towing Expert

The party that picks the towing company depending on several factors. A company from certified companies in their location can be chosen by law enforcement. When this mainly happens is when the accident is on a busy road, and the involved cars block traffic flow. In such a case, your vehicle should be towed in the fastest and safest way possible. Alternatively, to tow away your vehicle, you may have the right to call a towing company. The secret is identifying a reputable, experienced, and trustworthy company. Do not overlooking to ask about the administrative, towing, and storage fees.

Vehicle’s Destination After it Gets Towed

To allow for accident reports and insurance investigation following a collision, vehicles should be stored safely. In order to evaluate the damages and identify fault in most cases, your insurance provider conducts an independent assessment of your car. The towed vehicles should not be repaired or altered until after the investigations. Typically, you have three options on where your vehicle ends up after towing. The vehicle may go to a salvage yard or tow lot in the vicinity for starters. This is almost always the first option when you have bad injuries and cannot choose your preferred location. The vehicle often incurs storage costs every day in the yard. Your vehicle may go to your home secondly where you can store it safely in the garage or driveway. Towing the car to your mechanic or a nearby auto body shop is also an option. To confirm receipt with this option, notify the repair shop in advance and ask them.

Recipient of the Bill from the Incurred Towing Costs

Your insurance company may pay for towing fees if your policy has collision coverage or additional towing and roadside assistance coverage. Both coverages cater for the towing costs regardless of fault. For reasonable towing and storage fees, most insurance providers cover the costs. Look for a reasonably priced towing company and don’t let your car stay too long in the storage facility. You will have to pay for the towing expenses and the storage costs if your insurance does not cover them. While the amount you incur varies from one company and region to another, consider discussing it beforehand with the towing provider.

Retrieval of Your Vehicle After Towing

If you were absent during the towing process, you might want to know how to get your vehicle back. Begin by determining where it went to. The location can be given to by law enforcement and the involved towing company. If towed to a storage facility, reach out to them about getting your car back and paying the storage fees.

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