Why You Want Professional Roadside Assistance for Jump-Starting of Your Dead Car Battery in Morgan Hill, CA

Being designed to let drivers across San Francisco, the Greater Bay area and beyond know they have a reliable resource for safe and efficient aid is roadside assistance services. Most professionals in the towing and roadside assistance business, including Calderon Tow & Auto, offers battery jumpstart services. Rely on expert assistance for a battery jump start instead of hoping for a random stranger. When people attempt their own battery jumpstarts, there are many potential hazards. It is in your better interest to call upon the specialists to ensure a safe and efficient process when you have a drained battery. As to why you should leave battery jumpstarts to the professionals, below are just a few reasons that we at Calderon Tow & Auto have prepared.

Why a DIY Jump Start is a Bad Idea

1) Damaged car battery. Due to jumper cable displacement, the battery can be damaged. Highly flammable vapors that can leak out of vents is created from the sulfuric acid is one the chemicals that make up a battery. A common result of wrong placement of cables and clamps on terminals are the sparks. When these sparks and flammable vapors meet an explosion can happen as a fire can start or worse. Serious injuries and damage to your if the battery jumpstarting is improperly carried out can come from a single mistake.
2) Vehicle engine damage. There is also probable damage that can be done to your automobile. Dangerous conditions jump starting the battery in the rain, or within any moisture since water or liquids in general, is a great electricity conductor. if there is any moisture present to prevent your vehicle from sustaining damage or in heavy rain, never jump start your battery.
3) Good Samaritans are rare. Outside of a professional, there is not always any really threats with getting your battery jumped with quality and safety. They may not always be available when you call though you might have a friend or family member come to your aid. There is still a small possibility that you may get help but relying on a stranger for aid is almost laughable in this day and age. Having a professional come to your location is the truly safest and efficient method since accepting a stranger’s help can be risky, as you do not know their true intentions if they do stop and assist you.
4) Issue can be more than a drained car battery. A seemingly drained battery that can be rectified with a jump start, in some cases, it proves there is more needed. You may need a tow or additional roadside services since a dead battery cannot always be revived with a jump start and if there are other problems that still keep the vehicle from returning to the road. Having a roadside and towing expert by your side can ensure success of your rescue when that happens.

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Contact Calderon Tow & Auto and let our professionals ensure your battery jump start is done safely and efficiently when you need a battery jump start in the San Francisco, the Greater Bay area, or other roadside assistance service. Our experts are ready to provide you with quality services if you need additional assistance. Call us today for your battery roadside assistance service.

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