Why Do Car Batteries Fail in Hot Summer Weather in Richmond, CA? Can You Revive a Dead Car Battery?

The summer time is the season for dying car batteries. Many people may notice their battery is wearing out and will have it replaced, while other times a battery can suddenly die without warning. Car batteries can suddenly die simply due to heat, and leave you stranded. Calderon Tow & Auto will share why batteries die, how to avoid being stranded, and where to get help when your battery dies.

Why Do Batteries Die in Hot Weather?

It is not just the summer heat that causes a battery to die, it is however the final straw. Battery problems start to develop during the winter. During the colder winter months, terminal corrosion builds up which causes the battery to lose some of its power. During the spring season, the temperature can widely vary which puts additional stress on the battery. Once summer occurs, the heat will drain the battery of most of its energy. Along with drainage problems, the heat can also lead to the additional corrosion. Depending on the vehicle, some will require much more energy than others. In a more modern vehicle, there are a lot more electrical systems demanding power from your battery. In newer vehicles, once your battery begins to develop problems, your vehicle can die suddenly and without any warning. However, you can take steps in preventing a dead battery and being stranded.

How Do You Care for a Car Battery

To extend the life of your battery and prevent an unexpected break down, you will want to take a few steps in ensuring the health of your battery. One of the first steps you can take is removing all accessories such as music devices, batteries chargers and other items that will be draining your vehicle’s battery. Next make sure all interior lighting is always turned off. Every three months inspect your battery’s terminals. The metal piece that the cable attaches to are the terminals. The terminals can corrode which will greatly affect the battery. Make sure to clean off the terminals every three months or as needed. It is also recommended to check you battery’s charge and if needed, recharge the battery ever six months. Depending on the quality of the battery, it will, on average, last between three to five years. If your car battery is getting to the end of its life you can have your battery tested and see if it is time to have it replaced.

Can You Revive a Dead Car Battery?

If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road or in a parking lot and your battery just died, you will need a jump start. When you need to jump start your vehicle you can get help in a few different ways. If you have jumper cables with you, you can see if a random person will be willing to help you. You can also contact someone you know that can come and give you a jump start. However, if you cannot get help you can seek roadside assistance. A tow and roadside assistance service often provides jump starts and can help you get back on the road.

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