How Do I Know if My Car Battery Needs to Be Replaced in Rio Vista, CA? Long Engine Turn Over Time & More

A dead car battery is the last thing that anyone needs to be dealing with. It’s a massive inconvenience, no matter if your battery fails in your driveway or on the side of the highway. With no way to go home and trapped on the highway or secluded roadside in any time of day or any circumstances is not something most motorists want to deal with. Fortunately, there are some early warning signs you can look out for. In order to help you to identify when it might be time to get your car battery checked or even replace it, knowing these warning signs are ideal. Today, we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to share these early warning signs so you can be better prepared.

What are the Signs of a Car Battery Going Bad?

Batteries are not designed to last forever. Also, the less time we get out of them is putting more pressure on our batteries. Below are some of the warning signs that it might be time to replace the battery in your vehicle. It is time to replace the battery if one or more of these signs apply to your experiences.
1) Long Engine Turn Over Time. The worse your battery is getting comes from the longer it takes your engine to start after you turn the ignition key. It might be time to get that battery checked if your engine is struggling to start or taking longer to turn over.
2) Opening Power Windows is a Struggle. It could be a sign your battery is dying if you have noticed your power windows struggling to open. It might be time to get it into a mechanic, or wherever you can have the battery tested and get it checked.
3) Lights Dim. It’s definitely time to get that battery checked or replaced if your interior lights or headlights are dimming for no reason. Don’t wait until your lights don’t turn on at all.
4) How Much Time You Spend in the Vehicle. You are going to need to get your battery checked more often if you drive a lot. Also, if you don’t drive enough, the same applies. If you are not driving it enough, then it could affect the life of your battery as driving charges the battery.
5) Your Car Battery’s Age. You need to get it checked more often if your battery is getting up there in age, five or six years. The older they get, the more unreliable they are, and if your battery is getting up there in age, five or six years.

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A lot of headaches can be saved when you take the time to know the warning signs and signals that your battery is dying. No one wants to be stranded because of a dead battery, and if you can avoid it, it is in your better interest. However, if you are experiencing battery troubles, or any other need for roadside assistance services in San Francisco, California and surrounding areas, you can trust Calderon Tow & Auto for roadside assistance services. If necessary, we can also provide a tow if a jump is not going work.

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