What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down in Burlingame, CA; Call for a Tow or Roadside Assistance & More

Breakdowns can occur without warning or with usually with very short notice. When you experience a breakdown you will want to be prepared and take the right steps. As breakdowns can be stressful and put a halt on your entire day, knowing how to get immediate aid is important. Calderon Tow & Auto will share how to prepare and react to a breakdown when one happens to you.

Be Prepared for a Car Break Down

A breakdown can happen anywhere. You can be five minutes away from your home, on the other side of town or even while traveling out of town. This is why you will want to be prepared for a breakdown regardless of where you are. When a breakdown happens to you, it is recommended that you always have a few bottles of water in the vehicle and some snacks such as granola bars. In the event that help may be a few hours away, you will want to have some food and water with you. You may also want to keep a jacket and or blanket in the vehicle in case a breakdown happens on a winter day or cold night. Next, keep in your vehicle a phone charger and emergency roadside kit that contains roadside flares, a medical kit, and a flashlight. Other people will take the further step of keeping jumper cables or a compact jump starter in their vehicle. Some people may keep tow chains or cables in the event they or someone else gets stuck in a ditch and needs help being pulled out or for a desperate DIY tow. Being prepared can help you during an unfortunate breakdown.

What to Do if Your Vehicle Breaks Down

As a vehicle develops a problem your first reaction should be to turn on your emergency lights and pull off the road. When you pull of the road you will want to find the nearest and safest spot. If you have any roadside flares or caution cones you can place them to the rear of the vehicle to help warn other drivers of your position. Next you will need to contact a towing service. When you need roadside assistance or towing service you can contact a trusted towing service to come to your aid. When contacting the towing service be prepared to answer the following questions.
• Where are you? You will need to provide your location and the nearest cross streets.
• What type of vehicle are you in? You will need to provide your vehicle’s make, model, color, and some may even ask for your license plate number.
• What is the nature of the breakdown? To know which towing vehicle to send out or the type of roadside assistance, explain the nature of the breakdown so they know the best way to help you.

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After contacting an emergency towing service you may want to contact a family or friend and tell them about the breakdown and where you are. Staying in contact with others can help enhance safety and peace of mind. If the vehicle is being towed, make sure to remove personal belongings. If you find you have broken down and need help, contact Calderon Tow & Auto for towing and roadside assistance services.

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