What Causes a Car Not to Start in South San Francisco, CA; Ran Out of Gas, Dead Battery, Bad Starter & More

When you are at work, the store or leaving your home and your car won’t start you immediately begin to think of what could be the problem. There can be many reasons why a vehicle will not start. Some are easy fixes while others may require professional mechanical repair. When stranded away from your home, you may feel a bit helpless and are not sure what you can do to get home. Calderon Tow & Auto will share some of the common reasons why a vehicle will not start what you can do to get home, or when to seek towing or roadside assistance services.

I Ran Out of Gas

Many people will at times, neglect refilling their vehicle when the gas is low. At times they may be away from home when they discover they are out of gas and their vehicle will not start. When your vehicle fails to start and you realize you are out of gas, you can either walk to the nearest gas station or call for roadside assistance services. Many towing companies provide roadside assistance services and will bring gas if you find yourself stranded and need help.

Dead Car Battery

Another common reason why a vehicle will not start is that the battery is dead. When the battery is completely dead, the vehicle will have no lights or will not make a sound. When the battery has some power but not enough to start the vehicle, it will struggle to start and the lights may appear dim. If your battery is dead you can yet again contact roadside assistance services to come and jump start your vehicle to help get you on your way.

Ignition Switch Problems

When the vehicle fails to start and the battery still is holding its charge, then it is often a problem with the ignition switch. Many people think the battery is the problem when the ignition switch goes out. To determine if the battery is dead or if the ignition switch, try the light and window shield wipers. If they work, then it is the ignition switch. If the ignition switch has gone out, you will need to have it replaced. If you are stranded when the ignition switch goes out, then you will require a towing service.

Bad Starter

When you go to start your vehicle and you hear a clicking sound and the car will not start, this it is most likely a starter problem. When the starter goes out, the vehicle will not start until the starter is replaced. You will need to have the vehicle towed to your mechanic or to your home where an auto repair service can come to your home and replace the starter there.

Clogged Fuel Filter

When the fuel filter is clogged, the fuel pump cannot get enough fuel to start the vehicle. Additionally, the fuel pump can become damaged when the fuel filter is clogged. The fuel filter needs to be replaced about every 20,000 to 40,000 miles to prevent damages to the fuel pump. If the fuel pump is damaged, the vehicle will not be able to start at all until the pump is replaced. Make sure to replace the fuel filter to prevent break downs. If you need help, and your vehicle will not start due to a clogged fuel filter or damaged fuel pump, the vehicle needs to be towed.

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