What is a Winch Recovery in Burlingame, CA? Tow Winching System to Pull a Car Out of Sand, Mud or a Ditch

There are vehicles that are designed to only drive on paved roads. On the other hand, there are other vehicles with extra engine power that can drive through snow, mud, sand and climb up rocks with no problems. When coming across a wet muddy section in the road, those vehicles that are not designed to run through the mud will undoubtedly get stuck in the mud. When losing control and driving into a ditch one has another situation that is a bigger problem for small vehicles. Calderon Tow & Auto will share how to get a vehicle out from mud, sand, or a ditch and when to seek a winch out or vehicle recovery service.

How Do I Get My Car or Truck Unstuck from Deep Mud or Sand?

In the state of California, getting stuck in the mud or sand isn’t a rare situation. People seem to get stuck in the mud or sand all of the time. If you find yourself stuck in the sand or mud, here is what you can do to get out. The first step is to turn your hazard lights on and put your vehicle in park. When you get stuck in either sand or the mud, you are stuck because the wheels cannot get enough traction to roll out. Not everyone is a professional off-roader with all the tools needed to get unstuck. However, most people will have a floor mat, you can place your floor mat underneath your vehicle’s wheel. The mat should apply enough traction to get you out. Once you do begin to roll out do not stop until you reach solid ground.

What to Do if You’re Stuck in a Ditch?

When you have lost control and you find yourself stuck in a ditch, this can be a difficult situation to get out of. When trying to get out of a ditch you will again want to turn your hazard lights on first. Next, take out heavy items and have all passengers get out of the vehicle. If the ditch is muddy or wet, you may need to use your floor mat to provide traction. Depending on the position of your vehicle, you may need to drive out in reverse or in drive. Most situation will require you to be in reverse. Put your vehicle in gear and gently hit the gas and see if you can get out of the ditch. If that fails and you have a few people with you, you can put the vehicle in neutral and push the vehicle out of the ditch. This may be needed if the vehicle will not start back up.

Call for Roadside Assistance and Winch Out Services

When stuck in the mud, sand, or in a ditch and your attempts of getting out fails, you may need additional help. A towing service that provides winch out or also known as recovery service can come to your location and help get your vehicle out of the situation. Using a powerful winch they can pull your vehicle out of any condition. If the vehicle also fails to start they can even provide towing services. When you and your vehicle are stuck, there is help!

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