How Do You Transport a Classic Car Safely Long Distance from San Mateo, CA? Flatbed Towing Truck & More

Did you take years to restore an antique or classic car that you need towed? Or do you own an exotic vehicle that you wish transported? When you have an exotic or a restored antique automobile and you need it towed for one reason or another, you will want to take each step to ensure a safe tow. When towing an exotic or antique vehicle, Calderon Tow & Auto will share a few tips on how to prepare the vehicle to be towed and have it reach its destination without a single dent or scratch.

Find a Classic Car Long Distance Towing Professional

Your first step is locating a towing service that provides exotic automobile towing. There is more to towing an exotic or antique vehicle, which is why you will first want to find a towing service that provide this service. Once you locate a towing service that provides exotic towing services, next you’ll want to know if they provide any additional services such as long distance towing. Often when an exotic or antique vehicle needs to be towed it is either for repair or to be transported long distances for a show etc. Not all towing services provide long distance towing. If you are moving and cannot drive or want to put the miles on an exotic or antique vehicle, you may rather have it towed. You will need to find a towing service that provides long distance services as well as exotic towing.

Flatbed Tow Truck is Best for Antique Car Towing

Another major part of towing an exotic vehicle is the type of tow truck utilized. It is always better to tow an antique or exotic vehicle on a flatbed tow truck. Make sure to find out what type of tow truck will be used to tow your exotic vehicle. A flatbed tow truck is the best as your vehicle will be off the ground and on the back bed of the tow truck. This eliminates any wear on the front or back wheels. It also reduces potential damages to the vehicle during the tow. When you need an exotic or antique vehicle towed you will need a towing service that has a flatbed truck, provides exotic towing services, and if needed, provides long distance towing.

How Do I Prepare My Exotic Vehicle for Towing

Both an exotic or antique vehicle is a major investment and you will want to ensure it is properly protect for a tow. You will first want to take detailed pictures of the vehicle. If any damages occur you have proof of the vehicle’s condition before it was towed. Next, you will want to invest in a cover. If you are having the vehicle towed long distances you may want to protect the vehicle from rain, wind, and rocks that can get flicked up by a tire of a passing vehicle. These things can happen and it is unpredictable. You will want to have the vehicle cover for additional protection. Do not cover the vehicle until it has been loaded on the towed truck. Once loaded then cover the vehicle.

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If you have an exotic or antique vehicle that need to be towed and you want a flatbed truck or require long distance towing, contact Calderon Tow & Auto!

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