What Happens if Your Car Breaks Down in a Garage? Towing from Low Clearance Parking Lot

Vehicle breakdowns are quite common and occur in numerous scenarios. In some cases, towing your car can be very difficult, and in others, fairly simple. One of the most difficult circumstances is when towing is needed in a low-clearance parking garage. Since as special equipment and towing trucks are required to deal with such vehicles, underground towing is different from other types of towing. With this in mind, we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to discuss the various aspects of underground towing to get your vehicles out of low-clearance parking garages today.

When Towing from Underground Parking Garage is Required

When your vehicle is stuck in a basement-level parking garage or some other type of underground building, you typically need professional underground towing services. Common reasons for such a need include mechanical failure, vehicle collisions, flat tires, and so on.

Different Types of Tow Trucks for Underground Towing

Tow trucks are available in many forms and used for specific needs. Tow trucks is that they are capable of dealing with different types of vehicles in different situations. Due to its size and lack of flexibility, a flatbed tow truck is definitely not suitable for underground towing. In professional underground services, light/medium tow trucks and wheel lift tow trucks are used, generally.
1) Wheel Lift Towing. The most common types of tow trucks used in underground towing are wheel lift tow trucks. Being more than capable of towing all kinds of vehicles, such as small trucks, and SUVs, from low-ceiling parking lots. Wheel lift towing is an ideal solution. They are designed to a vehicle on two wheels. The powerful hydraulic metal arm provides significant stabilization to the vehicle being towed. There is a minimum safety risk in underground towing with wheel lift tow trucks as a result. For towing in different types of situations, the flexibility of wheel lift tow trucks has made them quite popular. To allow the vehicle to be placed on it, these trucks have an arm that is parallel to the ground that flattens on the ground.
They are then cradled to ensure maximum safety, after the vehicle wheels are correctly placed on the wheel lift tow trucks. The driver uses remotely operated hydraulics to increase the height of the brackets and arm from the ground. It is securely moved from the spot, such as the parking space, to its desired destination once the two wheels are up in the air.
2) Light/ Medium Tow Trucks. in some situations, light and medium tow trucks can also be used for underground towing.
The size of such trucks is similar to any other ordinary truck. By attaching the stinger to the broken-down vehicle, they have a stinger attached to the base to lower or raise the vehicles, they can tow the down vehicle.

What is the Clearance on a Tow Truck?

Towing as the risk of vehicle damage by such trucks is quite high, light/medium tow trucks are less common for underground towing than wheel lift towing, however. Towing trucks make sure that the stinger is low enough to maintain a proper angle while shifting the vehicle from the parking area in order to avoid damage. They are often capable of fitting into tight and low-roof garage spaces quite easily, which is a significant benefit of using light/medium tow trucks. According to the specific situation and type of vehicle, the choice between light tow trucks and wheel lift tow trucks is made by the experts, ultimately.

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