What Equipment is Needed to Change Tires in Benicia, TX? Wheel Chocks, Torque Wrench, Jack Stands & More

Motorists are often annoyed and frustrated when the experience a flat tire. All of us have found ourselves stranded on the side of the road with a tire that does not have any air, no matter if you are just a city commuter or a long-distance traveler. Though it is safer and more efficient to call for roadside assistance, some people insist on taking care of this issue themselves. With this in mind, we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to take the opportunity to share the basic supplies that are essential that you should keep in your vehicle to change a flat tire.

What Equipment Do You Use for Removing & Fitting Tires?

Wheel Chocks. These blocks prevent accidental movement and should be placed before you start jacking up the vehicle.
Lug Wrench. When getting rid of lug nuts, get a cross-shaped lug wrench for greater leverage. This is a better option than the L-shaped tire iron.
Torque Wrench. Investing in a torque wrench is very beneficial. There is a number of issues that can occur if any loose lug nuts may fall off. Keep in mind however, over-tightened lug nuts may distort brake rotors or damage the wheel.
Jack Stands. Lowering your vehicle onto the jack stands considerably increases stability, security, and safety while changing a tire. Be sure to avoid working under a raised car if you do not have a sturdy pair of jack stands.
Hydraulic Floor Jack. These jacks are rated in tons. It is necessary to have a jack rated more than one-half of the weight of your vehicle. Check the manufacturer’s site or owner’s manual to find the weight of your vehicle. When you are pumping the jack, it should have a long handle for ample leverage, a saddle low enough to slide under your car; a sturdy, wide base for better stability; and smooth-rolling wheels.

Extra Supplies for Changing Flat Tires

The list below involves items that increases safety and efficiency but are not necessarily required to change a flat tire.
Cordless Impact Wrench. Being much quicker in terms of removing and installing lug nuts on a tire, especially compared to a lug wrench, this tool makes a significant difference.
Wheel Cover Remover or Rubber Mallet. Without hurting your hand, these help you remove and reinstall hub caps or wheel covers quickly.
Torque Limiting Sticks. Especially if you’re using an impact wrench, they prevent over-tightening lug nuts.

Steps to Changing a Tire

1) Pull off to the roadside, as far from traffic as possible.
2) Flip on your hazard lights.
3) Ensure your vehicle is put in park.
4) Loosen the lug nuts slightly.
5) Using the jack, lift your vehicle until it’s around six inches off the ground.
6) To remove lug nuts, use a deep socket wrench or a lug wrench. Make sure to place lug nuts some where they can’t roll away.
7) With the spare tire, replace the flat tire.
8) Tighten the lug nuts by hand and slowly lower your vehicle. Once the car is back on the ground tighten the lug nuts.
9) Repack the vehicle of your tools and do not forget to load the flat tire.

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