Common Problems with Tires in Berkeley, CA; Sidewall Damage, Puncture Holes & Other Needs for Flat Tire Change

Most seasoned drivers at some point in their lives, a flat tire or a blowout is experienced. The flats happen at the most inconvenient time, leaving people frustrated and annoyed with situation. A reliable professional towing expert can come to your location and offer their roadside assistance tire changing services if you do not know how to or have the skills or tools to change the tire. The common contribution to flat tires is what we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to share today.

Tire Sidewall Damage

Often the result of sidewall damage includes flat tires. Whenever there the sidewall of the tire becomes damaged, the tire is deemed irreparable and will require replacing. When it separates the layers on the sides of the tire is sidewall damage, and they allow for flexibility and movement. Sidewall damage frequently occurs by cutting into the curb at just the right angle. The result of cutting into the curb at just the right-angle causes sidewall damage. Your tire can get blow out with enough pressure and rapid damage as well.

Puncture Holes in Tires

The parking lots, roads, even your driveway or garage floor is commonly littered with debris. It will undoubtedly result in a flat tire when your vehicle rolls over the sorted debris at just the right angle. Industrial staples, nails, and screws are the most likely culprits of the offensive debris that causes the puncture holes in tires. Though glass is usually not durable enough to puncture a hole in the tire, enough damage the tread and compromise the structural integrity of the tire can be inflicted. Depending on how big the hole, leaks can stream low, to moderate, to rapidly if the nail or other object gets dislodged from your tire. If you put air in your tire the PSI quickly lost soon thereafter a leak becomes obvious. If the leak is slow, and should you be lucky enough to be close to a tire specialist or a mechanic, you probably get your car there in time before additional damage to the tire occurs, otherwise, you have to explore other options. A better solution is calling for assistance in changing the tire to a spare or need a tow.

Other Causes of Flat Tires

Tires can become flat for a number of reasons including poor installation, old, “balding”, or the spout is not properly sealed. Before getting into your car, get in the habit of taking the opportunity to inspect the condition of your tires. Ensure the pressure is adequate by keeping tire air gauge handy. When you realize the tire is leaking air and becomes flat, having these habits can help prevent you from being in traffic.

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In the event you have flat tire, or your tire has blown out, call Calderon Tow & Auto. If one is unavailable, we can provide a tow to get your vehicle to a safe destination for repairs, our roadside assistance experts will quickly come to your location and make the tire change with your spare.

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