What Do You Do if You Run Out of Gas in Vallejo, CA? How Do You Do Emergency Roadside Fuel Delivery?

Have you ever been on the road stuck in traffic, when you look down and notice that the fuel gauge in your car is very low on gas? What do you do? Hopefully, you don’t run out of gas, you need to get off the next exit and find a gas station to fill up. But in the circumstance that you don’t make it to a gas station and you run out of gas in your car, what do you do? Who do you call? Calderon Tow & Auto is going to talk about just that. So, if you happen to be in this untimely circumstance, you know what to do and how to help get you back on the road.

FAQ About Running Out of Gas

When you run into the circumstance that you run out of gas you need to know what to do to avoid damaging your car and get the help you need. Let’s go over just a few questions that you may have if this happens to you.
What Do I Do if I Run Out Gas? If you find yourself in this circumstance, you need to pull your car over to the right side of the road. Don’t wait until you are completely out of gas and can’t move. Put your hazard lights on, then call a nonemergency number, like Calderon Tow & Auto. You don’t need to call 911 unless you are in danger. You can however call 911 if you do not have cell service and have run out of gas. The call will get you through to the nearest police station.
What Happens to My Car when it’s Empty? When your car is completely run out of gas it will turn off like you have turned the key and shut off your car. That is why you need to get onto the side of the road with a little bit of gas that you have so it does not turn off in the middle of the road. If you are driving a newer car then there won’t be much damage if you run out of gas. But if you have an older car that runs out of gas, maybe more often than you would like, then it could start causing problems to your car. When your car runs out of gas it starts to pull small pieces of debris from the bottom of your tank and this can cause problems for your car.
Can You Start Your Car After You have Run Out of Gas? If you have run out of gas, once you fill it up you can start your car again. Just make sure you cool it down so that it does not overheat. Turn the ignition without actually starting up the engine, this will give it time to get the gas going and you not running your battery dead. You can also Press on the gas pedal to get it going through your tank faster.

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Try to make sure your tank is full when you are driving. It saves you a lot of time and headaches. But we understand that circumstances happen when you run out of gas and you need help. When this happens give Calderon Tow & Auto a call, we are happy to come to fill your car up and get you back on the road.

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