Preparation of Exotic, Classic, Antique or Low Profile Car for Safe & Easy Flatbed Towing in Benicia, CA

When you have a “high end” vehicle such as an exotic, classic, or even an antique vehicle that needs to be towed, you will want to take extra steps to ensure the vehicle is safe. High end vehicles are a considerable investment to the owner. When you need to have a vehicle towed, either to a show, the mechanics, or to a new home, it is understandable that you want to make sure it reaches its destination without stress. Calderon Tow & Auto will share a few tips on what you should do when preparing a vehicle to be towed.

Seek Out Exotic Vehicle Towing

When you have either an exotic, classic or antique vehicle that you need towed, seek out a towing company that offers exotic vehicle towing. Towing an exotic vehicle is not too much different than towing any other vehicle except there are a few additional considerations. A towing service that provides exotic car towing, knows that there are extra precautions. For example, the best tow truck to use is a flatbed. A flatbed tow truck raises the vehicle onto a platform or the bed of the truck. These tow trucks are ideal for towing exotic, classic, or antique cars. If a towing company is offering exotic towing service they most likely have a flatbed tow truck to ensure a quality towing.

Research Towing Company

Before you commit to a towing service, you will want to do a bit of homework on the company. First, you will want to know some things about the towing company that you plan to entrust with something as valuable as an exotic, classic, or antique vehicle. You will want to make sure they are properly licensed and insured in the event that the vehicle is damaged during towing. Additionally, you will want to make sure the company is legitimate. Some towing companies may not be properly licensed and may even do shady deals. The last thing you want is for the towing company and your exotic car to disappear. You will want a reputable towing company that you can entrust with your exotic, classic or antique car.

Prepare Vehicle to Make Towing Easier

Once you find the perfect company and schedule the towing service, your next step is to prepare your vehicle. You will want to make sure that you did not leave any personal items in the vehicle. Next, you will want to take pictures of the vehicle, outside and inside. In the event the vehicle is damaged during the tow you will need to be able to prove it to the insurance company. You will want to take precautions in protecting your vehicle. Many people will invest in a cover to help protect the vehicle from rain or a stray rock that could fly by and hit your vehicle. There are a number of uncontrollable factors that the towing service cannot stop or predict. As the vehicle’s owner, do what you can to help protect your vehicle during the tow.

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