Emergency Roadside Kit Items in Berkeley, CA; Jumper Cables, Tire Sealant, First Aid Supplies & More

“It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.” This is always a good guideline to follow. Since no one plans on breaking down or enduring an emergency situation while in the vehicle, there are some essentials you should have readily available in your vehicle. Today, we at Calderon Towing & Auto would like to share a few essential items you should store in your vehicle.

What are Things You Should Always Keep in Your Car?

A Kit for Changing the Tire. A flat tire is one of the most common breakdowns. Usually, most new vehicles include have tire-changing tools already. A spare tire, a car jack, and a lug wrench are included in the kit. If your vehicle does not have these tools, be sure to get them and keep the kit in the vehicle.
Tire Sealant. It doesn’t hurt to have tire sealant in your car as well while e majority of vehicle owners only have a tire changing kit. Your spare tire is reserved for emergencies, for the most part. Some sealants might be enough to take care of the problem until you can reach a tire center of it’s just a small leak.
Jumper Cables. Dead batteries are commonly experienced by drivers. Jumper cables, and an understanding on how to use them, is best kept in your vehicle. You can have someone give you jump if you are prepared. Jumper cables can be found at the majority of automotive stores and are inexpensive.
First-Aid Kit. No vehicle should go without a first-aid kit. Especially if you are stranded, you can be prepared to take care of minor issues. Also, have a phone charger applicable for your car.
Emergency Food and Water. You know it can get very hot in California, but no matter the weather conditions, having water and nonperishable snacks on hand is ideal. If you find yourself in a predicament where you have to wait for help, ensuring you stay hydrated and having a snack can help you better.
Toolset. Though you can’t carry a whole tool chest in your vehicle, but having some essentials is ideal such as adjustable wrench, ratchet set is indispensable, and a screwdriver, as well as tire air pressure gauge.
Flashlight. There are many situations that would leave you in the dark. Having a light source can help in so many different ways. You can illuminate targeted areas to make quick repairs, change a tire, or other such minor fixes. Having a reliable source can help signal others if you are on a dark road so drivers are aware of you and help get the attention of your rescuers.

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Though it is always best to have the tools and supplies to help you in situations, one of the best things to have is the contact information of a towing and roadside assistance expert ready in case you find yourself in need of assistance. For towing and roadside assistance services in the Greater San Francisco, the Greater Bay area and surrounding areas of California, call the professionals of Calderon Towing & Auto and let us assist you!

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