Why is My Gas Running Out So Fast in Oakland, CA? How Can I Increase My Cars Gas Mileage?

With the frustratingly high gas prices, many of us are pushing the gas mileage to the limit and looking for ways to make the gas last. Sometimes, we push the gas too far and find we depleted the fuel tank and are left stranded. Fortunately, Calderon Tow & Auto provides fuel delivery services to help you get back on the road to a gas station safely. Today, we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to offer some tips to help make the gas last longer.

How Can I Increase My Cars Gas Mileage?

1) Maintain Closed Windows. At high speeds, open windows can increase the drag on your vehicle and drain your fuel. It is more economical to turn on the aircon rather than rolling down the windows when driving on the motorway.
2) Inspect Tires. Most know flat tires can make driving dangerous, but few know it also affects gas mileage. You can prevent the unnecessary loss of energy by regularly inflating your wheels.
3) Utilize Cruise Control (When Appropriate). To regulate fuel usage, keeping speed constant on motorways and during long distances helps.
4) Assess Air Filter. Your engine stops from going into overdrive and wasting precious energy when you ensure your car filter is functioning properly.
5) Traffic Light Awareness. Be ready to keep going if the signal turns green, but slow down when you’re approaching red lights. The biggest drain on your gas efficiency is starting your car from a complete stop.
6) Slow Driving. It loses more fuel when a vehicle goes past 88km/h. Driving at a consistent speed will improve gas economy, as well as sticking to speed limits.
7) Hold Low RPMS. You can stop your car from wasting fuel unnecessarily by making sure your tachometer doesn’t go past 3000 revs per minute.
8) Maintain your Oil. Your vehicle gets better gas mileage by regularly changing your car oil keeps your engine clean.
9) Avoid Sitting Idly. If you are waiting for a friend, never leave your car idle. It saves energy to turn your engine off or park up if you plan to wait for over three minutes.
10) No Tailgating. The quicker you have to react to their movements, the closer you are to the vehicle in front. You will have a loss of automobile efficiency with sudden braking or changes of direction.

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These tips will help you get better gas mileage, but when you do push your vehicle to the limit, you have options for rescue. When you ran out of gas, you can call a friend or family member, or for your safety and to get the gas quickly and efficiently, you can contact a professional. When you need a fuel delivery, Calderon Tow & Auto can accommodate you. If in the event the issue goes deeper than fuel depletion, our trained and experienced experts can provide you with a tow to your mechanics. We ensure safe, quality towing and use advance equipment along with premium products to maximize our efforts. Call Calderon Tow & Auto for towing and roadside assistance services in San Francisco, CA and surrounding areas.

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