What to Do when Your Car Runs Out of Gas in Martinez, CA; Use Hazard Lights, Call for Roadside Assistance & More

Though they try to be prepared and monitor the gas levels, many people will experience running out gas and being stranded on the roadside. Being diligent helps avoid this situation, but sometimes we push our vehicles more than they can go, or we are simply distracted with life to notice the fuel depletion. Some suggestions on how to handle running out of fuel is what we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to share today.

Get Out of Traffic & Use Hazard Lights

You usually have enough power to the car to coast off the roadside once you realize your gas has depleted. To avoid potential risk in traffic, get as far to the shoulder or out of the road as possible. Use your blinker to safely get over so people can get off the road and flip on the hazard lights. Once off the road, put the vehicle in park and leave your hazard lights. In order to improve your safety, increase your visibility and the predicament you are in by popping the hood of the vehicle and use your roadside flares or reflector markers from your emergency roadside kit.

Call for Roadside Assistance

If they are available, having a friend or family member close by can get you quick help. After they take you to and from a nearby gas station where you can fill a small gas can and take you back to the vehicle. Once you put enough in the tank to get you there, it will be enough to get you to the gas station so you can properly fill it up. Having roadside assistance service bring you fuel to your location is ultimately the safest and most efficient option. Especially for people that do not have anyone to call or have been turned down by potential help because of their life’s schedules, having a pro deliver your fuel will ensure it gets to you. If the gas tank is not the extent of the problems, you can have a backup towing expert to help you get your vehicle where it needs to go.

What to Do if You Run Out of Gas in the Middle of Nowhere

Being in a remote area and dealing with an empty fuel tank. You definitely want roadside assistance when you run out of gas in a remote area. Especially in an unfamiliar area, making a hike can cause more problems. Make yourself as visible with hazard lights, road flares, and so on, keep the doors locked and secure while waiting inside. Remote areas may require more time to get to your location, so be patient.

Make a Plan for Yourself

Have a physical map and two routes plan in case the first route has problems along the way, particularly if are unfamiliar with route and destination when you are going on a road trip. Always refuel sooner than later and know where the gas stations are. Ensure your cellphone is charged and you have a car charger with you and keep a close eye on the gas meter. Throughout the towns and counties, you may need, consider writing down roadside information.

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