What to Do if You have Flat Tires in Sunnyvale, CA; Pull Off Road Slowly, Call Roadside to Change Tire & More

You know it as soon as it happens, a flat tire is unmistakable. Once you feel the thumping and the thud sound of a flat tire, you will need to take action. A flat tire can hold up your entire day, so you will need to make a decision quickly whether or not to call roadside assistance or to change the tire yourself. There are many reasons why changing the tire yourself isn’t ideal for a lot of people. Calderon Tow & Auto will share what to do when you have a flat tire and why you should always contact roadside assistance services.

What to Do When you First Notice a Flat Tire

A flat tire will sometimes occur in the parking lot or at your home. However there are times when you will be driving on the road only to discover you have a flat. When you develop a flat tire or worse yet, experience a blowout while driving on the road, you must remain calm. Do not hit the brakes but instead take your foot of the gas pedal and come to a stop slowly. As soon as you feel the flat, turn on your hazard lights and pull off to the side of the road or to a safe stop. Do not drive on a flat tire overly long as you can damage your rim. Once you have found a safe place to pull off the side of the road, your next step is getting the tire changed.

Is Changing a Flat Tire Easy?

Now that you are in a safe place, you will need to decide whether or not to change the tire yourself or contact roadside assistance services. If you are on a busy road, highway, or if it is late at night, it can be dangerous to change a tire. Even with your emergency lights flashing, seeing a person changing the tire can be difficult for other drivers. When roadside assistance is called out, they have a truck with caution lights, cones and other tools to create a barrier to ensure safety while changing the tire.

What Tools Do You Need to Change a Flat Tire?

Where safely in changing the tire is a major concern, another reason why you may need roadside assistance services is tools. Sometimes you may not have the right tools on hand to change the tire yourself. The factory jack that comes with the vehicle are cheap and break easily. If you do not have the right equipment to change the tire yourself, roadside assistance does. Along with having the right tools, they also have experience which means they can have the tire changed quickly and properly. You will have the peace of mind knowing the tire was changed correctly. Additionally, changing a tire in your work clothes isn’t ideal either. When you have somewhere to be and you do not want black marks on your hands or on your clothes, you will want to avoid changing the tire yourself.

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