What Should You Do During a Roadside Emergency in Dublin, CA? Call for Professional Assistance & More

Most agree that it’s never a convenient time for your vehicle to become incapacitated. When your vehicle fails, it is common it is at the most inconvenient time imaginable and in the middle of busy traffic. It is always helpful to be prepared if you experience this situation. Instead of burdening someone to come to your aid, who probably doesn’t know what to even do, hire a professional to help you. If you take the time to do your research, you can help you find a reputable towing company that offers quality towing and provides roadside assistance services. You can rely on Calderon Tow & Auto as a dependable and reputable. Consider keeping our number stored in your cellphone to reach us quickly and conveniently. We at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to offer some recommendations when you find the need for roadside assistance.

Roadside Emergency Safety Tips

1) Clear out your vehicle from traffic. If and only if, it is safe, get your vehicle out of traffic. Should the situation permit, choose a straight path to get your automobile out of the way because curves and corners only make the vehicle more of a challenge to push out of the way. Simply coast your vehicle safety if the engine has cut out, you can safely and within traffic laws get it out of the way. You want the vehicle safe as far from traffic as possible. In the event your vehicle takes a dive during rush hour, you can request law enforcement assistance to get your vehicle out of the flow of traffic.
2) Increase the vehicle’s visibility. You want to ensure that commuters can see your vehicle in advance so you can avoid collisions when your vehicle is safely out of traffic. Turn on your hazard lights, no matter if it is day or night. You be better spotted you sooner and to help other motorists understand your situation by turning on the interior lights on to increase your visibility and lift your hood up after sunset. You can make your predicament clearer to onlookers should you have flares or hazard triangles by placing them around your vehicle appropriately.
3) Call for professional roadside assistance services. After you are safe and visually enhanced, call your professional for aid. The tow service can get your vehicle home or to your mechanic’s garage in an effort to get your vehicle back in operation if the problem is too complex for roadside assistance, the professionals can provide a limited number of services. There are emergency boxes available where you can call for assistance should you do not have a cell phone, or a charged battery for your cell, or a signal.
4) If possible, stay inside the vehicle otherwise stay close by in a safe place. There is not much left to do but wait for help to arrive following the completion of all the steps listed. To help you more efficiently, it is important you stay in your vehicle or in close proximity for the professionals. If they are there and conditions are favorable are recommended to stay in the safety of your vehicle with the seatbelt fastened, stay behind the barrier.

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