What is the Best Action to Take if Your Exotic Vehicle Breaks Down in Mission District, San Francisco, CA?

If properly maintained, exotic cars have the potential to last a lifetime, holding a special place in their owner’s heart as both a significant investment and a fulfillment of a lifelong dream. These unique vehicles are more often acquired for the love of classic cars than as mere status symbols, making them particularly cherished by their owners. Despite their resilience, exotic cars can encounter breakdowns, leading owners to seek roadside assistance and towing services. In such unfortunate situations, it is crucial for owners to secure the services of a highly professional towing company operating in the area. Opting for an amateur towing service may result in severe damage to the delicate exotic car, as these companies often lack the necessary skills and tools for a safe tow to the intended destination. Today, we at Calderon Tow & Auto aims to guide exotic car owners on what to do when faced with a breakdown.

1) Preparations for Towing

The prospect of having an exotic car towed can be daunting. Instances such as a breakdown, an accident, or the need to transport a vehicle for sale or purchase may necessitate the services of a tow company. In such emergencies, it is advisable to contact a towing company and specifically request an enclosed trailer for the secure transport of your exotic car.

2) Get Vehicle to Safety

In the event of a sudden breakdown, it’s natural to feel panicked. Prioritize the safety of both yourself and your car by moving it as far off the road as possible. Turn on hazard lights, engage the emergency brake, and lock the vehicle. If immovable, leave the car, walk to a safe location away from traffic, and wait for the tow company to arrive.

3) Call a Professional Towing Company

When dealing with exotic vehicles, it’s best to leave towing to the professionals for several reasons:
– Professionals are responsible for any damages during the towing process, as they are fully insured.
– Unethical companies may impose excessive hidden fees, which professionals avoid.
– Experienced towing companies possess the necessary tools and skills for safe towing.
– Professional towing services offer options like enclosed trailer towing for added safety.
– The experience of a professional tow truck company ensures the safe and correct transportation of your car.

Towing & Roadside Assistance in San Mateo, San Francisco, Daly City & Colma, CA | Greater Bay Area of California

Calling a professional company saves you the headache, money, and time while ensuring your vehicle’s safety. For exotic towing services in the Greater San Francisco area, trust Calderon Tow to provide reliable assistance. In the vibrant world of exotic cars, their longevity is a testament to meticulous care. Calderon Tow & Auto understands the profound emotional connection owners have with their prized possessions, emphasizing the need for expert handling during breakdowns. Beyond providing enclosed trailer towing for security, Calderon Tow offers a shield of professionalism. With full insurance coverage, transparent pricing, and a commitment to safety, their services stand as a beacon of reliability in San Francisco, CA and surrounding areas. When your exotic car faces a hiccup, let Calderon Tow & Auto be your trusted partner in transportation, ensuring peace of mind for both you and your cherished vehicle.

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