What is the Basics of Flatbed Towing in Millbrae, CA? Safety of Towed Vehicle & More

There are many different types of tow trucks. Figuring out which type is best for your situation can be difficult. The best solution to this problem is talking to an expert. But let’s talk about what flatbed towing is used for and let’s see if this is what you are looking for in a tow truck. Calderon Tow & Auto explores this further below.

Safety of Vehicle Being Towed

A flatbed towing truck can keep your vehicle safe and secure on the flatbed when it is being towed. Using a flatbed tow truck can make a huge difference in how long it takes for them to tow your vehicle back. Many companies choose to use a flatbed over other types of tow trucks because it is safer and they can ensure that your vehicle can get to the location it needs to go.

Long Distance Towing

Using a flatbed tow truck is the most recommended type of tow truck for long-distance towing. When you tow a vehicle for a long distance, it can cause some damage to the vehicle. The reason for this is because there are potholes, road bumps, and other general environmental factors come into play when driving long distances. The driver of the tow truck will constantly have to get out and check to make sure that the vehicle is still secure, which can extend the length of the trip. With a flatbed tow truck, your vehicle is secure and you do not have to worry about any environmental factors. That is why a flatbed tow truck is recommended because it does not damage the vehicle.

Low Profile or Oversized Vehicles

If you have a larger vehicle or your vehicle is riding lower than an average vehicle you want to make sure you mention this to the tow truck company. If you have a low-riding car or a larger car then it cannot be towed by a dolly tow truck. They have to be towed by a flatbed. If your low-riding car is towed by a typical tow truck then it has a risk of damaging exhaust pipes, bumpers, and other parts of the vehicle. If your vehicle is larger, it cannot be towed by a dolly tow truck because there is a weight restriction for those types of tow trucks.

Towing Classic, Vintage & Exotic Cars

If you have a specialty car such as a vintage car, you want to use the flatbed tow truck to transport these cars. These cars can easily tilt. With a flatbed tow truck, they can be secured on the flatbed, which will reduce the amount of damage that can happen to the specialty cars.

Car Accident Response

If your car has been in an accident, having a flatbed tow truck to transport it to a certain location is the best possible solution to help reduce the amount of damage that can add to what happened during the accident. Attempting to hook a vehicle can further damage the wheels and transmission. A flatbed tow truck is the best option to keep your vehicle at the minimum damage.

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If you need a tow truck and are not sure which type of tow truck is the best option for your circumstance, give Calderon Towing a call, and let’s figure out what is best for you.

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