What Do I Do if I have a Flat Tire at Home or on the Roadside in Antioch, CA? How to Change it & When to Call for Help

All drivers should know how to change a tire. There are certain situations where you may need help getting a tire changed, but you never know when you need to change a tire yourself. For those who have never changed a tire or have been taught how to change a tire, Calderon Tow & Auto will share the steps on how to change a tire and when you will need roadside assistance services.

Tools Needed to Change a Tire

• Spare Tire
• Lug Wrench
• Carjack
• Wheel Wedge
When you need to change a tire you will need a spare tire. You will also need a lug wrench and carjack. Most modern vehicles will come with these basic tools to change a tire. Manufactures will have them in a discrete area such as underneath or behind the rear seat or in the trunk or back of the vehicle. It is important to know where you vehicle tools are. A wheel wedge can help increase safety when changing a tire if you happen to be changing a tire on a hill. Drivers will want to invest in their own wheel wedges and keep them in their vehicle, as the manufactures usually do not include a wheel wedge.

How Do You Change a Flat Tire

• Step 1. Pull Over To a Safe Place – As soon as you detect a flat or a problem with a tire, you will want to find a safe place to pull over. When a tire develops a problem, be prepared to change it. This means you will want the closest area that can provide space and safety for you while you change a tire.
• Step 2. Get Your Tools and Tire – Whether you have higher quality tools that you have invested in or you plan to use the manufactures supplied tools, you will want to get them out and ready for use. At this point you will also want to get your spare tire out and do a visual inspection of your spare tire and make sure it is usable. In some cases, a spare tire may have leaked out some of the air within the tire or even be possibly damaged.
• Step 3. Loosen Lug Nuts – Before you begin jacking up your vehicle, your first step is to loosen all of the lug nuts holding the tire onto the wheel. Do not take them off completely, you only want to loosen them.
• Step 4. Jack Up The Vehicle – You will now want to jack up your vehicle. Check your owner manual if you are not sure of the best position for the jack. However, if you cannot find your manual, make sure to position the jack on the vehicle’s frame. You will need to jack up the vehicle high enough that the tire will be able to slide on and off in the air. You only need an inch to slide a tire on and off.
• Step 5. Put the Spare On – Once the vehicle is jacked high enough, and you are able to remove the tire, take off the loosened lug nuts and slide off the tire. Next, place the spare tire on and put the lug nuts back on as tight as your hand can tighten them down. Lower the jack until the vehicle contacts the ground and you can remove the jack. At this point you will want to use your lug wrench and tighten the lug nut as tight as you and the tool can make them. Put your tools away and put your damaged tire in your vehicle for later repair or replacement.

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If you find the circumstances are not in your favor when needing to change your tire, then call roadside assistance services. Calderon Tow & Auto provide roadside assistance service, towing and more.

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