What Can Be Causing My Car Battery to Drain in Foster City, CA & How Do I Stop it from Draining?

When your car will not start and you discover your battery has died, you can contact roadside assistant services to come and give you a jump start. After you have your vehicle jump started, you can get on your way and hopefully you will get a new battery. However, you may find you frequently need jumps, even with a newer battery. When you have a battery that has been drained, you may wonder why your battery keeps dying. To help you discover why your car battery keeps dying, Calderon Tow & Auto will share some of the common reasons behind the draining of your battery.

What Drains a Car Battery the Most?

Parasitic Drain: Have you ever heard of parasitic drains? These are unknown features in your vehicle that is draining your car’s battery. Often these features may be lights, or the radio that has been left on. Sometimes the bulb to the light is out and although you left it on, you think it is off. Often the car electrical system will need to be diagnosed and tested to locate the parasitic drain. Keep in mind that if you have a battery that seems to keep draining, you may have a parasitic drain.
Small Car Battery: You may have a battery that is too small for your vehicle. Mistakes can happen and sometimes the wrong sized battery may have been put in your vehicle. Even a new battery will drain within days simply due to an undersized battery. If your battery seems to die often, have it checked and make sure you have the right size battery for your vehicle.
Defective Charging System: A car has its own internal charging system that recharges the battery while the engine is running. The charger system uses an alternator to recharge the battery. Sometimes the alternator is not pushing enough volts to the battery and it will begin to drain even while the engine is running. The alternator may even have defective diodes which not only fail to charge the battery but can also drain the life of the battery.
Hot and Cold Weather: Heat and the cold can damage a car’s battery. When the temperatures is over 100 degrees, or under 10 degrees, sulfate can begin to accumulate and reduce the life of the battery. If you live in a place with extreme temperatures, your battery will be affected.
Battery’s Age: The age of the battery is another major consideration. A battery will lose its charge as it ages. Most batteries will last between three to five years. If you have an older battery this may be why it cannot hold a charge.

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A roadside assistance service will often provide jump starts when a person’s battery is too drained to start the vehicle. You can contact your preferred roadside assistance service and they will come and jump start your vehicle. However, it is wise to head to your local auto store and get a new battery before you go to work or home or you will need another jump. When your battery has died and you need a jump start or any other roadside assistance or towing services, contact Calderon Tow & Auto today.

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