What are the Signs of Brake Failure in Cupertino, CA? What to Check to Avoid the Need for a Tow

Approximately 235,000 automobiles are towed annually due to braking system problems according to the American Automobile Association. Since you don’t want to risk your brakes failing on the way, it best to avoid driving it to a shop yourself and instead call a professional towing company if you’re worried about your brakes. Today, we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to stress the signs your brakes are failing, and you should call for a towing service.

Loud Abnormal Sounds While Driving

Your brake pads have most likely worn down if you notice your brakes are making a loud squealing or grinding noise when you step on them. The caliper is likely making contact with the brake rotor. The damage is inflicted on the metal brake parts, warranting more expensive repairs when this problem remains unattended. you should bring your car to the nearest mechanic as unusual noises should be addressed immediately. It may be best to rely on a tow truck to eliminate any further risks if you’ve been hearing the noise for a long time.

Slow Stopping Response

There are many situations that call for you needing to stop your vehicle right away. there may be a big issue occurring if you’re in this situation and your vehicle’s brakes aren’t stopping quickly enough. It’s time to call a towing service to bring your car safely to an auto repair shop if you notice your brakes are less sensitive when engaging the braking system as well. They lose the friction required to stop when brake pads wear down. Unfortunately, can’t create stopping power by using the rotors to slow down your car.

Car Fluids Leak or Vehicle Shakes

An indication that your brake drums or rotors are warped is when your car or steering wheel shakes excessively when braking. It is much harder for the brakes to maintain grip and properly stop the vehicle with warped rotors. This could also be a sign that your brake fluids may be leaking, and when they leak, the anti-lock brake light on your dashboard will turn on if your system senses low fluid. Since the fluid is necessary for the system’s real braking action to engage, this is particularly dangerous. Don’t put your safety in danger if in the event the leak is severe. To bring you to the nearest auto shop, you should instead contact a towing service immediately.

Brake Pedal Sponges to the Floor

Do not drive it if you get into your automobile and realize the brake pedal is considerably lower than normal. This might indicate that air has infiltrated the system, or a mechanical component has broken. Get a brake examination from a reputable repair service immediately if you’re driving and discover the pedal needs a lot more energy than normal.

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They should be attended to promptly, as faulty brakes pose a serious accident risk. It is also worth a cost of a towing service instead of endangering you and others trying to drive to a repair shop. Call Calderon Tow & Auto whenever you need a tow or roadside assistance in the Greater San Francisco, CA area.

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