What are the Fluids Your Vehicle Needs to Run in Campbell, CA? Gas, Motor Oil, Power Steering Fluid & More

If you drive a gas powered vehicle, you are more than likely aware that there are several fluids that are necessary to keep your vehicle running safely. Some of the fluids that your vehicle needs to run are more essential to your safety than others. However, all of the fluids are needed to keep your vehicle running. Calderon Tow & Auto is here to talk about some of the fluids that you will need to keep your vehicle running as it should.

What are the Fluids that Your Vehicle Requires?

All of the fluids in your vehicle are there for a purpose. If you don’t know what they are and what they are used for, keep reading on so you don’t find yourself stranded on the side of the road any time soon.
– Gasoline/Diesel: If your vehicle is powered by fuel to get you from one place to another, you need to make sure you have plenty of it anytime you leave your home. Running out of gas is a common problem that drivers run into when they have failed to keep an eye on the amount of gas they have in their tank.
– Motor Oil: This is another fluid that many people are familiar with. Without motor oil to lubricate all the working parts of your vehicle’s engine, the engine would seize, and you would be facing significant repairs to rebuild your engine.
– Power Steering Fluid: There is fluid in the steering function of your vehicle. Without power steering fluid, turning your vehicle is incredibly difficult, if not impossible.
– Transmission Fluid: This fluid works a lot like motor oil as it lubricates the transmission of your vehicle. Many drivers don’t ever touch the transmission fluid in their vehicle because their mechanic usually takes care of it for them. Every now and then, you will need to have the transmission fluid flushed and replaced with new.
– Brake Fluid: The brakes are a safety feature you would never want to go without in your vehicle. The brake fluid that helps them work properly is essential to your safety inside the vehicle. Your vehicle wouldn’t be able to stop properly without it. This is a closed system, so if you don’t have a leak, you shouldn’t have to worry about it.
– Coolant: The coolant that is found in your vehicle, is there to help keep the temperature of the engine in check. An engine that has overheated will be an engine that is no longer working. You should always make sure your vehicle has the coolant it needs to operate safely.

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