Vehicle Lockout Service in Cupertino, CA for Lost Car Keys, Broken Key in Ignition, Bad Transponder Key & More

One of the many service that roadside assistance provides is Auto Lockout. When you have been locked out of your vehicle and need to access it, you can contact a roadside assistance service to come and get your vehicle unlocked. However, some scenarios may make the driver think that an auto lockout service cannot help them. There are a number of different situations where auto lockout services can be useful and in many of them if not all of them. Calderon Tow & Auto will share some of these common auto lockout scenarios and how auto lockout services can help.

Lost Car Keys

When someone lost their keys and cannot access their vehicle, it can become a major problem especially if a pet or child somehow got locked in the vehicle. You may also have important documents or other personal property that is out of your reach. When you have lost your keys and you need to access your vehicle, an auto lockout service can come and help. They can quickly arrive to your location and get your vehicle unlocked. When you cannot find your key and need to access your vehicle, contact a roadside assistance that provides auto lockout services.

Locked Car with Keys Inside

One of the most common scenarios of an auto lockout is locking your keys inside the car. It is fairly common for keys to get locked inside the vehicle. Unless you have a spare and someone able to bring you the spare key, you will need to find another way to access your vehicle. An auto lockout service can unlock your vehicle and without damaging it. They have different methods for accessing a locked vehicle, so do not panic and seek roadside assistance services.

Broken Key in Ignition or Lock

Even though rare, a key can break either in the ignition or in the car door. When the key is stuck inside the door’s lock, you are no longer able to unlock your vehicle and get the key out. When your key breaks, which is more common in older models, you can seek roadside assistance to help you unlock your vehicle. However, you will need a spare key. If you do not have one for your vehicle, you will need to seek out a locksmith or contact your local dealership.

Transponder Key Goes Bad

For vehicles that use either a key fob or transponder to unlock your vehicle, know that both can fail and keep you locked out of your vehicle. Both key fobs and transponders use batteries which can die, which is one of the common reason why they fail. However, key fobs and transponders are connected to the vehicle’s electrical system and an internal chip or the computer system can be damaged. If you are unable to access your vehicle, roadside assistance services can help access your vehicle and bring new batteries for your key fob or transponder. If it is not a battery problem you will want to have your vehicle computer system investigated.

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