Tire Failure & Problems in Daly City, CA; Flat Tires, Separation, Dry Rot, Blowouts & More

Let’s face it, most of the accidents that occur are due to driver error. But there are exceptions. Road hazards, like debris on the road, potholes and black ice are all road hazards encountered year round or seasonal. Black ice is a thin transparent coating of ice found on paved surfaces. It is particularly treacherous because you cannot see it and you’re in trouble without warning. It is bad anywhere you need to have directional control, like turns.

American Road Conditions are Bad

Another problem is that Americas infrastructure is deteriorating. There miles of bad roads in the US just waiting to strike out at the unwary driver. Mechanical failure can be due to bad surface or a failure of some component in the car. Cars are mechanical and therefore they wear out. But mechanical failure is surprisingly rare.
The components most likely to fail and cause an accident are tires, brakes and the suspension.
Tires are the rolling surfaces that support the weight of the car, provide traction for both acceleration and braking and play a primary role in directional control.

Penny Tire Tread Test

Tires are one of the most critical components of a motor vehicle. From mopeds to 18 wheelers we roll on tires. Tires are also a primary point of mechanical failure. Tire failure while in a turn can be telling. Being such a primary component, it is amazingly taken for granted. Groove depth in the tread will give an idea of wear. Though not precise the use a US penny can give an indication of tire wear. Place a penny upside down in the groove. If you can see the top of Lincolns head its time to head for your favorite tire store.

Tire Pressure Inflation

Improper inflation, tire separation and dry rot are all factors in the life span of a tire. Over inflation and the tire rides on the crown, the center area of the tread. Over inflation will cause excessive wear in this region. Low inflation causes accelerated wear of the tread along the edges. Under inflation will also cause excessive heat. Tires flex as the roll, under inflated tires flex more in the extreme and will cause the tire to heat up and heat is an enemy to the tires longevity. Tire separation is when the ply separates from the carcass. This results in bubbles forming in the side walls and are indicators of imminent failure.

Tire Dry Rot

Dry rot is indicated by brittleness as the essential oils are leeched out of the tire. Cracks appear on the tread and sidewalls along with a faded color are all signs of dry rot. Minor dry rot can be treated with a sealant but extensive deep dry rot is a recipe for disastrous tire failure. Dry rot leaks air, but the tire is so brittle it can break apart as your driving. Check out them tires at least once a year for dry rot. The causes are UV rays from the sun, chemical agents like swimming pool chemicals, motor oils and industrial cleaning solutions. Cold, low temperatures can promote dry rot, but so can excessively high temperatures. Sitting, long periods of disuse promotes the problem. Near power lines or transformers, they generate ozone another cause of dry rot and under inflation all contribute.

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