Is a Flatbed Tow Truck Better for Towing in Pacifica, CA? Long Distance, Classic Cars, All Wheel Drive Vehicle Tows & More

There are many uses for flatbed towing as it is among the most versatile towing options. Generally, people do not care which tow truck is used to rescue them when they need assistance. Today, we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to briefly point out why flatbed tows are beneficial, and particular circumstances where the flatbed towing is ideal.

Flatbed Towing Benefits

1) Flatbed Towing Enhanced Safety. Since the towed vehicle is completely off the ground and secured to the platform of the flatbed tow truck, safety for the vehicle and everyone on the road is increased. The tires are especially free from extra wear and tear. The towed vehicle is not subject to bumps and holes as it is pulled and not exposed to potential hazards the debris can cause.
2) Nearly All Vehicles are Compatible with Flatbed Towing. When it comes to the cars that they can transport, flatbed tow trucks are more versatile, unlike other tow truck methods. Generally, as long as the towed vehicle can fit on the platform, it can be towed, motorcycles as well.
3) Misshapen Vehicles Can Be Towed By Flatbed. Collisions can leave a vehicle incapacitated and left in all forms of twisted metal. Some other forms of towing may not be able to accommodate misshapen vehicles, but flatbed towing can be transported no matter how misshapen they become.
4) Flatbed Towing Convenience. Towing companies still see to it that the cars receive minimal damage, even if the other tow truck types may not be as safe as flatbed tow trucks. There are many extra steps in other towing methods, and flatbed towing is simple and safer to accomplish.

Situations when Cars Need a Flatbed Tow Truck

1) Transporting Long Distance. In order to prevent damage to vehicles, flatbed tow trucks are preferred for long-distance towing. Especially when the distance to cover is a lot, pulling on them will cause a lot of wear and tear on the wheels. The wheels do not touch the road so they won’t be damaged during transport no matter how long the distance is with flatbed tow trucks. This is very useful transporting vehicles to other states for example.
2) Flatbed Towing of Expensive, Exotic and/or Collector Automobiles. You want to make sure it doesn’t get damaged while being transported if you have a prized vehicle, a sports car, a classic, a luxury vehicle, or a vintage one. For example, if you want to take your vehicle to a cat show or exhibit, flatbed towing is the safest method.
3) All-Wheel Drive Vehicles. The front wheels connected to the drive shaft only the front-wheel-drive cars. Usually, the back wheels are free spinning, which allows it to be towed with a dolly where the two front tires are raised, and the two back tires are the only ones touching the road. However, dolly is not advisable for four-wheel drive cars because it can damage the transmission. A safer way to transport this kind of vehicle is to use a flatbed tow truck.
4) Customized Lowered Vehicles. A flatbed tow truck is still the best choice, no matter if it’s just your style, preference or the car you bought just came lowered. Damage to the underside, bumpers, exhaust as well as the oil pan is prone to a lowered vehicle towed by a dolly. Lowered vehicles can go on it safely since the incline ramp is not that steep.

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