How to Prevent Locking Your Keys in the Car in Gilroy, CA & Needing an Emergency Auto Lockout

Never do you experience an auto lockout at a convenient time. That’s because there is no convenient time to be locked out of your car. All it takes is for it to happen once for drivers to be looking for ways to avoid that problem in the future. There are several things you can do to help limit the possibility of an auto lockout. Calderon Tow & Auto is here to share some of our best tips with you to help ensure you aren’t stuck on the outside of your vehicle while your keys are on the inside.

How to Stop Locking Yourself Out of Your Vehicle

As mentioned above, there are several acts that drivers can take to help eliminate the risk of locking your keys in your car. Here are the best habits to develop to help make sure you don’t have your keys locked in your car in the future.
– Don’t Leave Keys in the Ignition: There are a couple of reasons that you want to avoid leaving your keys in the ignition of your vehicle. Many vehicles lock automatically after a certain period of time has passed. With your keys in the ignition, this can leave you locked out. Another thing to think about is your key ring. You more than likely have several other important keys on your key ring, including the key to your home. When you leave them in the ignition, you are potentially giving a stranger access to your house key if they should try to break into the house.
– Replace Batteries: Many cars today use key fobs to get into the vehicles. While the batteries in these keys are long lasting, they will eventually need to be replaced. Make sure you have a backup battery in the house for those times that your fob battery dies.
– Keep a Spare Key: Spare keys can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping yourself from getting locked out of your vehicle. Whether you are keeping a spare in your purse or wallet, or handing one off to your friends, neighbors or family members, they can really come in handy if you should get locked out of the car.
– Lock Lubrication: If you live somewhere that gets extremely cold weather, or are traveling somewhere like this, lock lubrication can help your auto locks from failing. You don’t want to experience a jammed lock. Always lubricate your locks before the winter season hits.

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