Do Motorcycles Break Down Often & Need Towing for Engine Failure & More in Foster City, CA?

In today’s world, you have many options for transportation. For some, motorcycles are the more appealing option. When motorcycles can break down unexpectedly on the road, just like other vehicles it can be frustrating as well as the cause of an accident. Although it could be easier to bring your motorcycle to the side of the road, it is after it breaks down that the problem may be severe enough you need a tow. Calderon Tow & Auto can provide motorcycle towing services when your motorcycle breaks down in San Francisco, the Greater Bay area and beyond. The common reasons motorcycles break down is what we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to highlight today.

Run Out of GasMechanical Engine Failure

One of the most common reasons why motorcycles break down is engine failure. Just like any other type of vehicle, the heart of the motorcycle is the engine. It needs to be in good condition if you expect your motorcycle to function efficiently. There are several factors that can contribute to engine failure such as using the wrong type of oil, overheating, and poor maintenance. Because they tend to heat up quickly overheating is a common issue among motorcycles, particularly when ridden for long periods of time. There are ways to prevent your engine from overheating such as making sure that the cooling system is working properly and avoiding extended idling. If you notice that the engine making strange noises or if it feels like your motorcycle is losing power, it is best to have it checked by a professional immediately. These could be signs that the engine is failing and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Flat Tire Problems

Flat tires are another common issue with all vehicles, and motorcycles are not the exception. Riding over sharp objects, nails, or glass can cause flat or popped tires. With extreme heat or cold weather conditions, the tire to expand or contract, which can lead to the flat tires.

Electrical Problems on Motorcycles

Electrical problems are another issue among motorcycles. Bad spark plugs, loose battery terminals, or a faulty ignition switch are just a few common examples. Also, riding in wet weather conditions can present electrical dilemmas.
If you experience any electrical issues with your motorcycle, it is best to take it to a professional for repairs. Trying to fix it yourself can be dangerous and may cause further damage to the motorcycle.

Towing & Roadside Assistance in San Mateo, San Francisco, Daly City & Colma, CA | Greater Bay Area of California

Now that you know the top reasons why motorcycles break down, you can take the necessary precautions to avoid. If you do experience a breakdown, make sure to call a tow truck or a friend for help. You can count on Calderon Tow & Auto for quality motorcycle towing services in San Francisco, the Greater Bay area and beyond.

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