Do I have to Be Present to have My Car Towed? Should I Leave Keys for Tow Truck Driver in Campbell, CA?

If your vehicle has suddenly broken down at the side of the road, it can be an alarming situation, especially if you have to leave it behind to be towed. Some people are unsure of what to do to make sure their vehicle is left and towed safely and successfully when this happens. To help make the whole process as smooth as possible, we at Calderon Tow & Auto would like to share today a few tips on leaving your vehicle behind for the tow.

Contact Law Enforcement

Before leaving your vehicle, an important step is to inform the local police that you are leaving it there for the towing service. Doing this will help so it won’t be mistaken for an abandoned car and there’s an official record of your vehicle. You can more easily file a criminal complaint and make a claim with your insurance company when the police already have a record of it in the event that thieves or vandals target the car whilst it’s waiting to be towed.

Move Vehicle to a Safe Location

Move the vehicle to a safer location at the roadside so that it doesn’t pose a hazard to other drivers if possible. Aim to drive as far off the road as you can safely. If possible, get your vehicle under a streetlight, and as close to a parking lot or in a one if at possible. A well-lit area can help improve visibility to help the tow driver find it easier, and help other drivers better see the broken-down vehicle.

Maximize Visibility of Vehicle

Both for your vehicle and for other vehicles, making the car visible is an important safety precaution. You can help other drivers to notice your vehicle and avoid hitting it by turning on the headlights or hazard lights or hanging something bright and colorful from the car window. Another way to help to make the car more visible is street lighting.

Take Valuables with You

You should always remove your valuables before leaving the vehicle. In additional to personal belongings, make sure to collect the vehicle’s title and documentation. Make sure you take anything that’s important or of value with you and the sight of valuables increases the odds of the car being stolen or vandalized before the towing service arrives.

Conceal Car Key

Before towing it, the tow truck driver will need the car key so they can put the vehicle into neutral. In order to prevent damage to the vehicle, having it in neutral is essential. Leave the key in a safe location that you agree with the tow truck driver. Consider inside the gas cap or behind your license plate or select another somewhere discreet. Because this drastically increases the risk of theft or vandalism it is important not to leave the key in an obvious location.

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